”Pure happiness! For many years I’ve been dreaming of catching a pike exceeding the magic 15 kg mark. Hopefully on one of my own hand made lures. It’s been within reach a few times, but this time everything went right.

Long cast in open water near a school of baitfish. Let the hand made Wolfcreek Shad 29 cm, Copper Burbot sink for a few seconds and started the retrieve. It was not a hard bite, just a soft touch and a slight slack in the line. I set the hook hard and instantly felt the weight. Full break, adrenaline pumping, quick fight and when I first saw the fish 10 m off the boat, I knew she was big. First try she wasn’t ready for the net and made a power dive under the boat. Held on to the 9' Damn You Rod and tried turning her. Painfully wonderful seconds. The second try she went straight into the net and then i realized it was time to start breathing again. 125 cm and 15.26 kg! New pb!

Super blessed and greatful to catch this pike and to share the moment with my best friends. A true Catch, Take A Photo, Release, High Five A Friend moment!”