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Wolfcreek Lures ®

Wolfcreek Lures x Muskie Bumper

Wolfcreek Lures x Muskie Bumper

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Wolfcreek Lures x Muskie Bumper bump board.

The Original Muskie Bumper bump board offers a large measurement deck for fish up to 152 centimeter. Clearly visible colored markings at 100, 110, 120 and 130 cm makes it easy to register your new pb catch. Every Muskie Bumper bump board measures fish down to half a centimeter to make sure you get an accurate measurement every time. With a twenty centimeter deck, you have plenty of bump board to keep your catch protected from your boat’s deck during the measurement process. If you prefer to measure your fish in the water, your Muskie Bumper bump board will float. Muskie Bumper bump boards are constructed of a very durable plastic material that will stand up to the harshest elements and fishing conditions. Our boards feature weather resistant components that will never rust or corrode, which will keep you measuring your catch for many years. Muskie Bumper’s unique hinge system features a fish friendly construction made from the same high-quality components used throughout the rest of the board. A unique folding design and integrated handle make storage a breeze.

The Wolfcreek Lures x Muskie Bumper bump board is available in left handed configuration.

Size: 152 cm x 20 cm. (78 cm folded)


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