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Damn You Rod Pike & Musky - Big Lures 9', 12 OZ, XH

Damn You Rod Pike & Musky - Big Lures 9', 12 OZ, XH

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Damn You Rod Pike & Musky, Big Lures 9’, 12oz(340g), 2-pc. XH, Mod. Fast

9', 12 oz. XH Power, Mod. Fast Progressive Action

Up to 340g

Available in 2-pc

The 9' Big Lures rod is not just that - a big lure rod. Yes, this is the rod for those big rubber lures that just needs a blank to do the job for you. With its extra heavy power and moderate fast progressive action, the blank loads up perfect to save your back and shoulders when going big. But don't be fooled - the 9' length combined with the action of the blank makes this a perfect rod for casting lighter lures to the moon as well. If you find yourself casting a lot of 200+ g lures and don't want to change rods when going smaller, this is your go to rod! 

The Wolfcreek Lures Damn You Rods are built for pike fishing (yeah, they work for musky too). Classic old school finish, on steroids. F#ckload of specs incl.

• Advanced blend of High Modulous, Low Resin Japanese carbon Nano bonded fibres.
• 3K reinforced butt sections for rapid butt stiffness and cast recovery.
• Wolfcreek Lures custom classic brown full gloss tint blanks.
• Fuji PLS reel seat.
• Solid Titanium Ring lock guides from American Tackle.
• Quad leg ring design, maximum ring flex so as to not stiffen the blanks true action.
• Premium Grade full cork handles and EVA fighting Butt cap.

Wolfcreek Lures custom faux leather rod sleeve included.
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