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Wolfcreek Lures ®

Wolfcreek Lures Stinger (External Release Harness)

Wolfcreek Lures Stinger (External Release Harness)

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Wolfcreek Lures Stinger

Choose from four sizes: S, M, L and XL (Hooks not included)

Size S is 10 cm, fits Wolfcreek Shad 20 cm and Curly Jr. (Recommended hook size: 1/0-2/0)

Size M is 13 cm, fits Wolfcreek Shad 25 cm and Original Curly. (Recommended hook size: 2/0-3/0)

Size L is 15 cm, fits Wolfcreek Shad 30 cm. (Recommended hook size: 3/0-5/0)

Size XL is 17 cm, fits Monster Shad and Monster Curly. (Recommended hook size: 6/0-9/0)

The hand made Wolfcreek Lures Stinger is an external release harness made by the best components to ensure very high quality. We are using the AFW 49-strand 7x7 Stainless Steel 30 lb Leader, AFW Double Barrel Copper Leader Sleeves and stainless steel, hand made spikes. Extra heavy splitrings and high quality Ball Bearing Swivels with welded rings.

Hand made in our shop in Frösön, Östersund.

We recommend using the Wolfcreek Lures Stinger together with the Twisthead screw-in weight.

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