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Wolfcreek Lures ®

Wolfcreek Shad 11 cm, 1-Pack (Bulk)

Wolfcreek Shad 11 cm, 1-Pack (Bulk)

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Wolfcreek Shad 2.0 Perch & Bass, 11 cm, 11 g, 1-pack (Bulk)

Length: 11 cm (4.33 inch)
Weight: 11 g (0.39 oz)

Sold in 1-pack bulk. Mix your own favorite colors.

Wolfcreek Shad Perch & Bass is here! The production series of the classic shad from Wolfcreek Lures, now in a smaller version. New design true to the hand made original. Comes in 14 color patterns with supreme finish, topped off with natural looking, real fish 3D-eyes.

Wolfcreek Shad 2.0 is manufactured in a phtalate-free, perfectly soft and stretchy plastisol - ideal for the perfect swimming action, superior tear resistance and better for the environment!

The Wolfcreek Shad 2.0 Perch & Bass is a great option for perch, bass, zander, walleye and other predator species.

How to fish: Catch, Take a photo, Release, High five a friend!

Take care of our planet! The packaging is made easy to recycle. ♻️ 

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